Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Relive the Nostalgia at Paradise Pier

When Disney's California Adventure opened, the land that had the most complaints was "Paradise Pier." The biggest complaint was the fact that Disney was trying to recreate the sea side amusement park, which meant they could go cheap and put in off of the shelf rides. Since then, WDI has healed DCA's wound with the latest changes to the Pier. The first addition was of "Toy Story Midway Mania." This is a midway themed ride that incorporates the characters from Disney*Pixar's Toy Story. You went through various midway games such as: ring toss, pie throw, and darts. The next change was the transformation of the Sun Wheel to Mickeys Fun Wheel. This was a simple change that took out the sun face and put in a pie-eyed Mickey face. Also, they added a new color scheme, replacing the metallic gold with a sleek black, as well as the addition of LED light that change pattern through the night. The next change was the transformation of the Orange Stinger, a typical swing ride, to The Silly Symphony Swings. This is based on the classic Mickey Mouse cartoon "The Band Concert" which showed Mickeys orchestra that gets blown into a tornado while playing "William Tell Overture." This attraction lets you relive this tornado. As you start to rise and swing, you can see a mural of the tornado with various character blowing along with you. The next change was the bulldozing of the MaliBOOMer. This was a cheap off the shelf launch ride. This will be part of the new "Paradise Park" area. In two weeks, a new attraction will open up called "The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Undersea Adventure." This will let you go through the famous parts  from the movie of the same title. Finaly, in July, the last attraction to be added will be "Goofy's Sky School." This will be based on the Goofy how-to shorts where, in this one, Goofy will show you how to fly a plane. This will be a re-theme of Mulholland Madness, the wild mouse coaster. After all this is done, this land will turn from a mess into a nostalgic area

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