Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tron: Histroy

    TRON has been a geek phenomenon since its opening in the 1982, but its history goes back to the first video game, in 1976. When PONG was released, director Steven Lisberger was fascinated by it. He set up an animation studio, with Donald Kushner, to develop animation software in order to create TRON. He took the storyboards to various studios but he was rejected. Then he took it to Disney, and they accepted it. They figured out how to get live-action film and put it in a CGI world.
    TRON is a story about a young software developer named Kevin Flynn. He is a programing genius but his software was stolen by a company called ENCOM. So Kevin decides to hack ENCOM's master computer. But instead he gets sucked into the computer world, by means of a prototype lazer that makes you digital. Inside is a dictatorship lead by the Master Computer program. MCP has brainwashed the programs into thinking that there aren't any users. However there are still some who are faithful to the users, and they go to the Game Grid to be gladiators. Kevin escapes and attempts to get home by means of the portal.
     Later in 2010, the long-awaited sequel to TRON called TRON:Legacy. This story starts a few months after Kevin got back from the computer world. He is telling is son, Sam, about the world that he has created, called the Grid.Then he leaves to work on the Grid. Then he disappears, leaving is company ENCOM, to his partner. Then, 20 years later,  Sam is a rebel late teenager who gives ENCOM a hard time because they have went away from Kevins vision. HE then discovers that there was a page from his fathers office in the arcade. So he goes to investigate and finds a secret room that has the lazer from the first movie. He gets sucked in to the Grid. He gets sent to games to fight with other programs. He escapes with a girl named Quorra. He finds that his father has been hiding here all these years. When he went that night, CLU, a clone copy of Kevin who he ordered to create the perfect system. CLU took it too seriously and saw Kevin as an imperfection and tried to destroy him. If you want to know the rest, you have to watch the movie. End of Line....

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